Jillian St. Germain and Françoise Voranger

Hybrid Movement Company’s Françoise Voranger (above right) and Jillian St. Germain (left) collaborated with Abbie to create the performance piece, “Touffailles in New York,” for Aerial Text Experiments 2011, part of the international viral sensation 100K Poets for Change in which 700 different events took place in 550 cities in 95 different countries around the globe on a single day in September 2011.

‘Touffailles’ features Abbie’s caligraphic action painting(s) slowly morphing in and out of focus behind, first, Maddy Siraco and Ronnie Thomas, then later, Germain and Voranger, as they interact with, react to, mirror and counter the swooping strokes and gestures of the art works.

(photos © Rachael Shane)